We have this opportunity to introduce our-selves as young, dynamic and professional IT Company engaged in providing the latest range of Servers, Storage, Computer, Peripherals, Security, Networking Products, Office Automation Products and after sale service support to our valueable customer. As we all are aware that today the business landscape has more dynamic than ever before. The changes are being brought in by constantly evolving quality products, technologies, solutions and services. For those of who are in the Information Technology space there is a constant need for us to assess the resultants changes in the market and provide the latest products , solutions and services.

Data & Voice Solutions
We provide data and voice solutions for contact centres, cost effective communication solution..
Surveillance Solutions
We have the experience in Security solutions like CCTV, Fire Alarms, Parking Systems etc and can provision ....
Video Conferencing Solutions
We also provide VC solution for the corporate and Govt offices including the connectivity and designing of such solution based....
Power Backup Solution
We provide online/ offline UPS systems with required backup solutions and above all.
DAS/NAS/SAN:- We can propose appropriate solutions for data storage needs through DAS for Private Data Storage Capacity to individual servers requirement scenarios, through NAS for Public data Storage Capacity to individual users with data availability requirement scenarios through network at centralized locations with data access from anywhere scenario on the network and through SAN for Data Storage capacity into data centres and High availability Application requirements even for SMB and SOHO segments up to Enterprise DC-DR requirements.
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